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We create websites and apps that make you stop & stare

Ranked OÜ is an Estonian based startup focused on creating websites and mobile applications.

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Our Focus

What We Do

Ranked OÜ is the culmination of our decades of work experience in creating and maintaining high quality websites and apps aimed at the entertainment industry such as word and brain puzzles, mobile games etc.

Premium Domains Portfolio

We hold an important number of high quality premium domain names for both ourselves and our clients and we are constantly on the lookout for new ones.

SEO & Market Analysis

We use our over 80 years of combined experience in SEO and SEM to find new niches constantly.

Digital Marketing

Our main focus is getting revenue via digital marketing options. We work with Ezoic Inc., Google Adsense, Admob etc. because we believe in free access to our content.



We run a successful network of websites and apps that are updated daily with high quality content and are visited from millions of users.

120 +

live apps & websites

10 M+

monthly visitors

500 k+

social media followers

5 k+

daily posts created

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